Updated: Mar 11

Many people are skeptical of selling to a corporation. They see them as shady, greedy, or sometimes just scammers. I get it, it's not the traditional family buyer that comes in and is visualizing their children's pencil marks on the wall. But they have a lot of value.

There are a lot of benefits to selling to a corporate buyer. No showings, no repairs, no appraisal, low closing costs, quick closes, remote transaction, all CASH. The transaction itself is typically very smooth, especially in comparison to a transaction involving a lender. All transactions can be subject to hiccups, of course, but if you're looking to move quickly with minimal stress, a corporate buyer could be just what you need.

I also want to mention the benefits of rental properties. These companies will fix up the home and rent it out. With the economy we're in and the rise of generations who prefer renting to home ownership, having these rental options has its perks. Speaking from experience, when I needed to move to a new area and didn't have time to purchase a home, I was grateful to find a nice home for my family to rent, rather than be subject to apartment living. In fact, I've rented from one of the companies we work with for the last 2 years!